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Category: Comedy

Podcaster?, RETIRED Service Member, Video Game lover, & Wrestling Fan. Jack…Ass of all Trades, Master of None. Join me as I try to figure out this podcast thing.

J. Gunz

March 13, 2016

Today's Guest is J. Gunz a.k.a Thug Liferr a.k.a DJ J.G. Rapper, Entrepreneur, Ruff Ryder, & Service Member. We talk about his music, clothing line &……..Strip Clubs. J. Gunz FJPPhillips@yahoo.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoodstarzbberef=ts&fref=ts Instagram: JGunz_ThugLiferr 7 Day LifeStyle Clothing: https://www.facebook.com/7DayLifestyle/?ref=ts&fref=ts Music: http://www.datpiff.com/profile/ArtilleryOnDec Subscribe to the podcast & "Like" us on Facebook www.facebook.com/RandomRamblingsRobcast Also follow the show on Twitter @RRR_Podcast or @ItsBRob Unofficial Official Sponsor DD's Vinyl Designs www.facebook.com/DDs-Vinyl-Designs-907641855940372 The Cigar Club http://cigarclublakecharles.com/ Featured App: ZCast @ZCastApp https://zcast.co/zcasts Twitter users & Podcasts Mentioned: Apathetic Enthusiasm @Apathusiast http://t.co/nKhbp5vijF Submitted for your Approval @S4YA_Podcast https://t.co/6zNvOUebDZ William Meikle (Author) @WillieMeikle https://t.co/TbfVruMsGk Lorii Abela @HowCanUFindLove https://t.co/HAi6bHihFY Classy Little Podcast @Classy_Podcast https://t.co/IPErOJBatO Urban Error 404 @UE_404 https://t.co/AvYC5K56Qb Thomas Tsappis @Ttsappis https://t.co/vpiiOXns1X How is this Movie? @HowIsThisMovie https://t.co/fDhSH3pfRc Karly Kingsley (Author) @KarlyKingsley https://t.co/gB0BHM2V2a Ana Spoke (Author) @SpokeAna https://t.co/z6kMwpCHdJ Three Is Comedy @ThreeIsComdey https://t.co/hxhS20Lm66 Weird Science DC @WeirdScienceDC http://t.co/HY6baUe2bM Everyday Superhumans @SuperhumansCast https://t.co/59BmrB2vOb Live Laugh Drink Beer @LLDrinkBeer https://t.co/kFeFujUP4Y GirlFM Headline News @GirlFMcast https://t.co/GBU1x0RzYZ Adam Lucidi (Comedian) @Adam Lucidi https://t.co/25Rr1ekYMT Angry Oldman Podcast @RobertandEdna https://t.co/9JC1HmH8ML Lorraine Ambers (Author) @LorraineAmbers Angel Veselinov (Author) @AngelVeselinov http://t.co/LB4KJD3s1E Reconsider @Reconsider https://t.co/8SsKkAKigb Andrey Almighty (Author) @AndreyPsyche https://t.co/jEmdDrLoPV