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Category: Comedy

Podcaster?, RETIRED Service Member, Video Game lover, & Wrestling Fan. Jack…Ass of all Trades, Master of None. Join me as I try to figure out this podcast thing.

Tiny Ebony

November 26, 2016

A first for the #RRRpc, joining me is adult film star Tiny Ebony. We talk about PORN duh, the business in general, & what she likes to do whenever she's not porning it up. All while she fights the urge to take her clothes off. Andrey Pavlenko is back because I wasn't doing this alone (Three some) INTRO MUSIC BY: RAY of THE NAKED PORCH PODCAST episode of The Naked Porch Featuring ME -> http://www.fyfcstudios.com/the-naked-porch-who-lives-last/

VIDEO FOR THIS PODCAST IS ON YOUTUBE -> https://youtu.be/TseI18l5Dvk

FOLLOW THEM!! Tiny Ebony Twitter: @TinyEbony69 Instagram: @69TinyEbony69

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